Whether you want to publish events to your website or manage your calendar without opening a browser, Kalendi Widgets will simplify your life!

What are Kalendi Calendar Widgets?

Our calendar widgets are web components that allow you to embed your calendar data directly into any of your web pages on your web site. You can also easily add calendar widgets to your blog or other software.

Who can use the Calendar Widgets?

Anybody who uses Kalendi Business or Kalendi Publishers can use Kalendi's calendar widgets. They are free!

Why might you use a Kalendi Calendar Widget?

  • Visitors can quickly find information without having to jump around a web page.
  • All changes to the calendar are immediately channeled to the widget on your web site.
  • You and your visitors can view your data with another interface other than a calendar.
  • Content is king! Always have fresh and relevant content on your web page.
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