Kalendi™ Publisher is the easiest way to create a central event calendar for everyone to see.

What is Kalendi™ Publisher?

Looking for a dynamic, interactive, and user-friendly online community calendar? Use Kalendi™ Publisher and promote events throughout an entire institution or community. Add exciting functionality and keep your members or visitors up to date and informed!

Who should use Kalendi™ Publisher?

Anybody who wants a better way to manage their online communications and effectively promote events with an interactive, user-friendly community calendar. Great for:

  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Newspapers
  • School Districts
  • Radio Stations
  • Museums
  • Law Offices
  • Recreation Centers
  • Intranets

Why use Kalendi™ Publisher?

  • Increase Event Awareness and Attendance
  • Reduce Scheduling Conflicts
  • It's easy to customize & integrate into any web site
  • Easily share community events with your site visitors
  • Simplify Event Calendar Administration
  • Allow users to filter and interact with events
  • Real-time calendar updates and organization
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