Kalendi™ Features
Feature Description, Key Benefits
iPod, iPhone, iPad and iCal Synchronize Kalendi™ with iCal, iPhone, iPod or your iPad using Kalendi's new CalDAV server!(Kalendi™ Widgets)
HTTPS Secure access with verified SSL certificate!
Calendar Widgets Integrate your calendar data on any of your web sites and any of your web pages.
Event Attachments Attach files (photos, homework assignments, meeting agendas) to your events and activities.
Categories Assign categories to events for further searching and filtering. Allows for both company categories (applied to everybody in the company) and personal categories (just the ones the user defines).
Moderated Calendars Let unregistered users or registered users add events to calendars but the event's eventual addition requires approval from a calendar moderator.
Portability Operating Systems: MS Windows Server 2003, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows XP Professional, LInux/Unix.
Databases supported: PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer2000.
RSS Get event data from your calendar and re-format it for display elsewhere on your web site.
Publish to the web In a single click make your calendar published so the whole world can view it. Or quickly unpublish it to keep it private.
Public Calendars Public calendars are visible to anybody in your hosting environment.
Unlimited Users Allow as many users as necessary to share calendars and create their own calendars.
Unlimited Calendars Create as many calendars as necessary.
Company Setup Wizard Use the company wizard to guide you through the applicaton setup for the company, its groups, its organizations, and its users.
Custom Event Properties If "price" is important to track for your events than add it as a custom event property. Add unlimited custom event properties.
Configuration parameters Configure application preferences such as views, calendar displays, reminder options, time formats, or skins.
Recurring Events Enter a recurring event only once by selecting from many different repeating event option. The whole recurring event may be modified or just one occurrence. Easily create exceptions with recurring events.
Multiple views & formats View calendars in list or grid format by year, month, week, or day view. Almost any view you need exists.
Powerful Permission System Allows the granularity of permissioning that makes sense. Give permissions to a calendar based on an individual, a group, or even a role. Permissions such read only, modify, append, or change events can be applied to any user.
Exports & Imports Export calendar events to Excel and MS Outlook; Import and export iCal format data; Automatically import & export nightly. Export to MS Outlook & other PIMS.
Calendar API Use our Application Programming Interface to integrate the calendar in your software or use it for blogs, podcasts, or other software development projects.
Highly Scalable Using best practices for enterprise development, scale from 10 to tens of thousands of users.
Virtual Host Names Protect the branding of your organization and domain name with a virtual host name, i.e. http://kalendi.yourdomain.com, where kalendi can be anything you choose.
Email & SMS Reminders Receive email or SMS reminders for your events. You may specify when you want to receive them!
Searchable Calendars Search calendars by event, category, or resource.
PDF Printable Calendars Print your calendar or your schedule by list to take with you or attach to the good ole fridge.
Full time zone support Enter events starting in one time zone and end the event in another! View events in the correct time zone across multiple locations.
External Links Add more information about an event by allowing links on the caption or in the description of an event.
Pick the color of your calendar events Calendars are automatically assigned event colors. Easily change that event color to something you'd rather prefer.
Event Privacy Create events as private (shows as "busy"), public, open (for appointments), or hidden (doesn't show at all for anybody but you).
Share Calendars Share calendars with your employees, students, customers, and remote workers from any Web-enabled device in the world! Setup a group calendar to track meetings, conference calls, and project deadlines. Setup unlimited calendars to share across teams, departments, or remote locations.
Calendar Orginization Organize your calendars by grouping as many calendars as you want under one tab.
Custom Branding Use your own logo to brand your calendar.
Dynamic Calendar Merging Your view of your calendars can include events from one or more calendars. This allows you to view events from only certain or all calendars.
Genuine cross browser compatibility Works with IE, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla and Chrome.
Universal ical/vcal format Easily share data with other calendar products, like Apple's iCal, and Microsoft's Outlook.
Calendar Groups Define User Groups and build group calendars.
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