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We've been busy developing helpful tools for your favorite devices and social networks. It's all to make sure that you stay connected and synced.

What's New

Kalendi Android App Released

The forces of Kalendi and Android combine to create a calendaring system that goes with you wherever you go. Kalendi Android is a full-featured calendar app that supports mulitple CalDAV servers. Easily exchange events between your mobile device and multiple calendar servers, including Google Calendar. Learn More & Download Kalendi Android

Kalendi Facebook App

Now you can easily display your calendar events on your Facebook fan page. You choose which calendars you would like to show on your page. Your fans are kept in the loop and you don't have to do any extra work. Beautiful! Add Kalendi to your Facebook page

Coming Soon

Kalendi is getting a whole new look and feel. It's the same powerful platform with a great interface. You'll see!


Tips & Tricks

Installing the Facebook App

Go to the Kalendi Facebook app page. Click the "Add to My Page" link on the left-hand side of the page. Select the page on which you would like to display your events. On your Facebook page, there will now be a new "Kalendi Events" tab link. Click that link. You will be prompted to enter your Kalendi login credentials and then you will be able to select the calendars you would like to show. Note: You must be the Facebook page administrator and Kalendi account administrator to complete the installation.


Client Spotlight

Albany County Tourism Board - Laramie, WY

The Albany County Tourism Board (ACTB) influences visitor marketing investments that increase overnight visitations and revenues for Albany County. ACTB uses Kalendi as a community events portal. "Our Kalendi is used for Laramie community events. It's a great way for visitors as well as locals to see what's going on in our community," says Assistant Director Jamie Crew. The community portal allows visitors to suggest events which are then approved by a moderator. A newly added feature is an import of University of Wyoming events which helps ACTB easily add relevant events from the University calendar. Visit the ACTB website at www.visitlaramie.org.
July 2011

What's New
Android App Released
Facebook App
New Look & Feel Coming

Tips & Tricks
Install the Facebook App

Client Spotlight
Albany County Tourism Board

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